Pro Golfer Peter Jacobsen Endorses Exactech Knee Following Successful Knee Replacement

Exactech, Inc., a developer and producer of bone and joint restoration products for hip, knee, shoulder, spine and biologic materials, announced today that the company has partnered with professional golfer Peter Jacobsen to tell the story of his successful knee replacement with Exactech’s Optetrak® total knee system in 2008.

“When considering something as serious as knee replacement surgery, I knew it was important to do my homework,” said Jacobsen. “I wanted proven technology so I could resume my playing career and Exactech’s Optetrak system has me feeling better than ever.”

Jacobsen’s success story resulted in an impromptu meeting with Exactech last fall where he personally thanked the Gainesville-based employees for getting him back on the course. The relationship has evolved into an endorsement agreement, through which Jacobsen and Exactech are developing a patient education campaign to help other arthritis sufferers learn about today’s treatments for knee pain.

“Peter’s personality is the perfect voice for our company,” said Exactech spokesperson Priscilla Bennett. “His experience with knee pain resonates with other arthritis sufferers who want to return to the activities they enjoy, and for many, that means golf.”

Additional details of the patient education campaign involving Jacobsen are forthcoming. Information on knee replacement, including a database of surgeons who use the Optetrak knee system, is available through the website

Source: Exactech

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