UK’s first Molecular MR delivered to UCH

The UK’s first Biograph™ mMR, a hybrid molecular MR system from Siemens Healthcare, has been successfully delivered to the new University College Hospital (UCH) Macmillan Cancer Centre. The next stage of commissioning will now take place with anticipated go-live in Spring 2012 when the new centre opens its doors to patients.

“The combination of MR and PET will also assist with dose reduction when examining paediatric or young patients,” states Wendy Waddington

The Biograph mMR is the only system in the medical technology marketplace that combines the functionality of MR and PET in a single integrated solution. The same size of a standard 3T MRI scanner, it acquires MR functional details in human tissue and PET cellular activity in a simultaneous procedure. The system will be used in the Cancer Centre for 60 percent routine clinical work and 40 percent research projects. The overall aim is to increase the understanding, progress and diagnosis of diseases, plus unlock new patient treatment pathways.

The UCH Macmillan Cancer Centre is currently entering its final building stages and has been designed to redefine cancer care featuring highly specialist staff and advanced medical imaging systems.

“The build of the new Cancer Centre provides a key opportunity to offer our clinical staff and ultimately patients with advanced technology that will enhance diagnosis and treatment planning. The Biograph mMR is a unique system for clinical and research procedures that pulls together two modalities in one system, simultaneously. The combination of MR and PET will also assist with dose reduction when examining paediatric or young patients,” states Wendy Waddington, Head of Clinical Nuclear Medicine Physics at University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. “The project partnership with Siemens from order to delivery has been great and testament to solid communication between the Trust, Siemens and building contractor Skanska.”

Lawrence Foulsham, Molecular Imaging Product Manager at Siemens Healthcare comments, “We are delighted that the milestone of delivering the first Biograph mMR into the UK has been achieved and that its arrival is generating great enthusiasm within UCLH. Siemens is dedicated to keep momentum moving forward as the system is commissioned on time and that all staff users are trained to the appropriate levels to maximise use of the advanced functionality.”

Source: Siemens