AAOS 2014 Sees Launch of Smith & Nephew’s JOURNEY™ II Cruciate Retaining Natural-Motion Knee Replacement

It’s AAOS week, so perhaps unsurprising to see a flurry of press release activity. Smith & Nephew has certainly been busy in this regard, using the event at which to announce the launch of the JOURNEY™ II Cruciate Retaining (CR) knee replacement.


The new Cruciate Retaining(CR) implant extends the JOURNEY II Total Knee System to procedures that preserve the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), which accounts for approximately half of all knee replacement procedures.

Smith & Nephew says the JOURNEY II CR knee, like the JOURNEY II Bi-cruciate Stabilized (BCS) knee that was launched at last year’s AAOS meeting, sets a new standard in knee implant performance by restoring more normal motion for patients.

The JOURNEY II CR knee is the first PCL-sparing total knee replacement designed to provide normal kinematics and increased patient satisfaction through PHYSIOLOGICAL MATCHING™ Technology. It is made using Smith & Nephew’s VERILAST™ Technology. Smith & Nephew says the combination of two wear-reducing materials, proprietary OXINIUM™ alloy and a highly cross-linked plastic liner, VERILAST Technology significantly reduces implant wear compared to traditional bearing couples on the market.

Physician comments

“Access to this next-generation technology has been remarkable for my practice,” said Jeff Geller, MD, of Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York. “I choose a cruciate retaining knee replacement whenever possible for my patients, and this is the first time I’ve been confident they’re receiving a device that’s kinematically correct. Most importantly, my patients confirm this in our follow-up discussions.”

Company comments

“The JOURNEY II CR knee will be a key component of our total knee replacement portfolio,” said Gaurav Agarwal, President, Orthopaedic Reconstruction, Smith & Nephew. “The unique patient benefits of the JOURNEY II BCS knee have made it among the most popular implants we’ve ever introduced, and since our customers choose a PCL-sparing device in approximately one-half of knee replacement cases, we expect the new JOURNEY II CR to further drive adoption of the JOURNEY II system.”

Source: Smith & Nephew plc, PR Newswire

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