Arthrex Serves Another Infringement Suit Against Smith & Nephew

Arthrex has served a new patent infringement lawsuit against Smith & Nephew and its wholly-owned subsidiary, ArthroCare, Corporation, alleging two new counts of infringement relating to Arthrex’s knotless anchor technology sold throughout the world.


Boasting a portfolio of 9,000 products for arthroscopic and minimally invasive orthopaedic surgical procedures, Arthrex filed a first lawsuit against Smith & Nephew and ArthroCare, Corp in the same Texas court back in June this year, alleging forty-seven counts of infringement relating to twelve Arthrex patents. The new lawsuit brings the total to forty-nine counts relating to thirteen patents. The new lawsuit alleges that Smith & Nephew and ArthroCare, Corp infringed on these patents and is seeking an injunction and damages on their manufacturing and sale of various lines of implants, including SpeedScrew, SpeedLock, SpeedLock Hip, LabraLock P, MultiFix, BioRaptor Knotless, Footprint PK, TwinFix and Ultra suture anchors, which are sold by Smith & Nephew to compete with Arthrex’s PushLock and SwiveLock implants.

Company comments

“Since its foundation, Arthrex has been committed to the mission of helping surgeons treat their patients better, and part of this mission necessarily involves protecting our inventions,” said John Schmieding, General Counsel at Arthrex. “We have full confidence in the strength of our patent position and will not sit back and allow this systematic, serial infringement of our patents, which ultimately harms the growth and advancement of orthopaedic medicine and the patients that benefit from those innovations.”

Source: Business Wire

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