Smith & Nephew Hits the Spot with New SUTUREFIX™ Ultra Soft Anchor

This is what an all-suture soft tissue anchor looks like

February 2015 saw Smith & Nephew announcing the launch of its SUTUREFIX™ Ultra soft suture anchor, an implant which is both small and soft. This means it could move the game on a bit by allowing surgeons to fine-tune labral repairs of the hip and shoulder with the creation of additional fixation points.


Smith & Nephew has clearly aimed at maximizing fixation strength while minimizing drill hole size with its new anchor. A combination of anchor design and a tiny drill hole contrive to deliver secure and strong fixation. The SUTUREFIX Ultra anchor comes pre-loaded on ULTRABRAID™ high-strength sutures to deliver the security of a strong suture with a low knot stack. The implant itself is made of DURABRAID™ suture and once implanted, leaves no hard materials behind.

The result leaves the company able to point to its own data on file to support claims that the SUTUREFIX Ultra soft anchor delivers higher fixation strength than other all-suture anchors currently available.

Physician comments

“The SUTUREFIX Ultra anchor truly is the next generation of hip labral repair fixation; with a reliable deployment that ‘clicks’ to confirm the anchor is set,” says Dr. Marc J. Philippon of the Steadman Philippon Research Institute. “This anchor system is so versatile I can place it anywhere along the acetabular rim, providing additional fixation points for a secure repair.”

Company comments

“When the design team started working on this anchor, surgeons were very clear with what they wanted; a small, soft anchor that is easy to deploy and delivers excellent fixation in a variety of bone qualities,” says Scott Schaffner, Vice President, Global Sports Medicine Franchise for Smith & Nephew. “And as a company known for our sports medicine expertise and pioneering products, we knew that we could deliver.”

Source: Smith & Nephew

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