Smith & Nephew introduces VERSAJET II, next-generation surgical wound care device

The Advanced Wound Management division of Smith & Nephew, announced today that it has launched its VERSAJET II Hydrosurgery system for precise excision during surgical debridement.  The new system helps reduce time needed for the wound to close by removing bacteria and reducing the risk of infection, while streamlining excision through procedural efficiency. VERSAJET II is available in North America and Europe with planned availability in other global markets.

The VERSAJET system allows surgeons to precisely select, excise, and evacuate necrotic tissue, bacteria and contaminants from wounds, burns and soft tissue injuries using a razor-thin saline jet that spares viable tissue and optimizes surgical debridement.  It decreases time to wound closure and, potentially, overall treatment costs, reducing the human and economic cost of wounds.  The company’s VERSAJET II Hydrosurgery System gives surgeons even greater control during procedures, and is redesigned to be more efficient.

“Use of surgical wound debridement with our VERSAJET system is increasing because surgeons believe it is a more precise way to operate, is critical to rapid wound healing, and can even reduce the number of procedures some patients must undergo,” said Robin Carlstein, Senior Vice President Advanced Wound Devices. “The system creates a smooth wound which enhances graft take and closure, thereby continuing our commitment to deliver consistent clinical and economic benefits for wound care.”

Roger Teasdale, President Smith & Nephew Advanced Wound Management commented, “At Smith & Nephew, we are continually working with our customers to provide them with world-class products that meet their surgical needs.  The new VERSAJET II builds on the established benefits and experience of our previous system with improvements that provide our customers with a better user interface and overall experience.”

Added benefits of the new VERSAJET II system include:

  • Key lock connection mechanism for a more consistent performance
  • Multi-functional foot pedal for enhanced surgical control and procedural efficiency
  • Dependable connection and gravity prime, which reduces set up time

Results of a new study, presented at this year’s European Burn Association conference in The Hague, Netherlands, demonstrate that VERSAJET II is faster to set up and prime than the previous system.  Surgeons also found the functionality of the new foot control power acceptable and responsive.

Source: Smith and Nephew

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