CE Mark and First Implant of Sorin’s MEMO 3D ReChord™

Italian Cardio-specialist Sorin Group, says it has gained CE mark certification for its new MEMO 3D ReChord™ mitral valve annuloplasty ring, which it is making immediately available in Europe.


Mitral valve repair represents the gold standard technique for patients presenting with mitral valve regurgitation. It enables preservation of the native valve and allows patients to resume a normal lifestyle after surgery.

MEMO 3D ReChord features an innovative chordal guiding system, making artificial chordae tendineae replacement a routine and standardized procedure.

Sorin points to unique design elements include a Carbofilm coating and laser cut Ni-Ti technology for truly physiologic performance.

Physician comments

Dr. Mattia Glauber, M.D., who presented the first implantation of the ring at this year’s European Association for Cardiothoracic Surgery (EACTS) techno-college session, commented on the technology’s ease of use, stating; “The MEMO 3D ReChord is very easy to place, and the chordal system is indeed very useful, especially in minimally invasive surgery. I have tried it in both anterior and posterior prolapse cases, and it worked nicely in both situations without the need for further adjustments. Of course, we need to gain more experience to be able to guide surgeons to the correct indication, but this first experience was extremely positive.”

“In my opinion, this device has the potential to change the approach to mitral valve repair. We are facing a situation where we are resecting less and less while using more artificial chords; therefore, a system that helps to standardize artificial chord replacement is very timely.”

Company comments

“MEMO 3D ReChord is the latest result of our continuous effort to bring innovation to cardiac surgery teams. It represents a great opportunity to advance our presence in the mitral valve repair market,” said Michel Darnaud, President Cardiac Surgery Business Unit, Sorin Group. “It has been engineered to fulfill the growing demand for faster and more reproducible artificial chord replacement. We are committed to setting high standards in design and performance to support patients and cardiac surgeons in the management of mitral valve disease.”

Source: Sorin Group, SpA., Business Wire

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