FDA Approval For Smartview™ Means Sorin ICD Patients Can Be Monitored Remotely

Cardiac device company Sorin Group has received FDA approval for SMARTVIEW™, a remote monitoring solution for patients with implanted cardiac rhythm management (CRM) devices. U.S launch follows.


Sorin launched the PARADYM RF VR and DR implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs) and cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT-D) devices in the United States in May 2012. The company’s significantly claims the device family are the only clinically proven ICDs that both reduce RV pacing below one percent and offer the lowest recorded inappropriate shock rate of any devices available to date.

Now, using the secure SMARTVIEW remote monitoring solution, physicians and nurses following patients with a Sorin PARADYM™ RF device can access valuable cardiac data and alert messages from the device while the patient is at home.

The addition of this remote monitoring capability provides a powerful combination of advanced diagnostic capabilities, early detection of cardiac disease progression, and patient convenience.

Installation of the SMARTVIEW remote monitoring system at the patient’s home is assisted by a dedicated helpdesk provided by Sorin. This unique technical set-up assistance provides patients with peace of mind and removes the installation workload from healthcare professionals. Once the system is installed, patients use the SMARTVIEW system to transmit data electronically from their implanted cardiac device to their physicians.

Using the patient data transmitted from home, healthcare providers will have access to the most current information from their patients’ device, which may help detect potential health issues before they become life-threatening and provide timely therapy. For some patients, this may mean fewer office visits and less time traveling to and from their clinics, and will help increase efficiencies in clinicians’ management of a growing number of device patients4.

Company comments

“The introduction of SMARTVIEW remote monitoring in the United States is an important milestone for Sorin as we seek to extend our innovative technology offerings to more U.S. healthcare providers and patients,” said Stefano Di Lullo, President, CRM Business Unit, Sorin Group. “We believe our intelligent devices and first-rate remote monitoring capabilities and service will continue to help us grow our business in the United States while, most importantly, saving lives and improving patient symptoms.”

Source: Sorin Group