First U.S. Implant of Sorin’s Solo Smart Stentless Valve

Back in late July we covered the news that Italian Cardiovascular device maker Sorin Group had gained U.S. FDA approval for its clever Solo Smart “stentless” aortic valve. Now the company is pointing to the first U.S. implant .


Solo Smart is the first and only valve with a removable stent to be approved in the US market. This unique bioprosthesis, made from bovine pericardium, has no synthetic material added, allowing it to mimic the healthy native aortic valve. Solo Smart maximizes blood flow and delivers excellent hemodynamic performance, while providing the ease of implantability of a stented valve, says the manufacturer.

The first case was performed by David Heimansohn, M.D. at St. Vincent’s Heart Hospital, Indianapolis (IN).

Physician comments

“I am excited to have the Sorin Solo Smart stentless valve available to my patients,” said Dr Heimansohn.

“Solo Smart is a step forward in the treatment of aortic valve disease, as this surgical valve has superior hemodynamic performance, and is much easier to implant, requiring only a single suture line. It more resembles a native aortic valve in appearance and performance, offering the best hemodynamics during all conditions, and improving patients’ lives dramatically”, added Dr. Heimansohn.

Company comments

“The first US implant of Solo Smart is a huge milestone for Sorin,” said Michel Darnaud, President, Cardiac Surgery Business Unit, Sorin Group. “Solo Smart is the evidence of Sorin’s continuous commitment to providing new and innovative solutions to improve patients’ lives”.

Source: Sorin Group, Business Wire

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