Surgeons Perform Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery With US Spine’s Lock-Tight™ Device

Spine surgeons at Middlesex Hospital in Middlesex Connecticut have performed a minimally invasive, posterior spinal fixation procedure on a 70-year-old patient using the Lock-Tight™ Facet System, a groundbreaking new technology that enables surgeons to fixate the facet joint without needing to perform an open procedure.

The surgeons, Jeffrey A. Bash, M.D. of the Connecticut Spine Institute and Joseph Aferzon, M.D. of the Center for Advanced Neuro & Spine in New Britain, utilized Lock-Tight technology, a minimally invasive, percutaneous implant and delivery system. Lock-Tight features a cannulated, partially-threaded, titanium screw, which is inserted through a unique locking washer which, when fully seated against the underside of the screw head, prevents the screw from rotating out of the bone. This feature is unique to the system, and eliminates rotational loosening of the implants post-operatively.

“Our existing Facet Fixation technology has already been ushering in a new type of posterior fixation that allows surgeons to create a rigid posterior construct in a fraction of the time required by conventional devices,” said Doris Blake, President and CEO of Boca Raton-based US Spine, makers of Facet Fixation Systems, including Lock-Tight. “Now, with Lock-Tight, we can provide surgeons with a reliable locking implant technology that can be delivered to patients during MIS fusions and decompressions. It is a complimentary solution to our Facet Gun™ and Facet Bolt™ technology, which is inserted in a mini-open, midline approach, and solidifies our position as the market leader in Facet Fixation. We’re very excited that the technology is being embraced by leading surgeons such as Dr’s Bash and Aferzon in Middlesex.”

Source: US Spine

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