100,000th Smartinhaler™ for Adherium

Adherium Limited has recently manufactured and sold it’s 100,000th Smartinhaler™.


Adherium was most recently on our pages when its Smartinhaler was supported by UK’s NICE, here. Adherium is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of so-called Smartinhalers, selling the device in to more than 40 countries.

Smartinhalers are electronic sensors that attach to a patient’s prescription inhaled medicine. Once attached, the Smartinhaler™ automatically tracks medication usage and reminds the patient to take their medication as prescribed. They also automatically upload the electronic medication usage to a smartphone app where the patient or caregiver can review them, and to a web portal for population health management.

Adherium’s Smartinhalers are proven to improve patient outcomes, including reducing hospitalization in children. They have been used in numerous clinical programs around the world, resulting in over 70 peer reviewed journal articles in the world’s leading respiratory journals such as Thorax, and The Lancet Respiratory Medicine.

Company comments

Adherium’s newly appointed CEO Arik Anderson said, “the sale of our 100,000th Smartinhaler™ shows that Adherium’s commercial roll-out is accelerating. It is one thing to design smartinhalers, but a whole different matter to manufacture and sell this number of devices.”

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