Malaysian Medical Device “Factory in the Forest” Uses Natural Environment as a Tool

Medical device and life sciences contract manufacturer, Paramit has opened a new facility in Penang, Malaysia that exploits the unique characteristics of the local climate to create maximum energy efficiency. Creating what is being called an experience of a “Factory in the Forest” the site uses canopies of trees to create shading and in-slab cooling to reduce power requirements. In addition, it incorporates gardens and waterfalls on multiple levels throughout the building to help cool the space.


Paramit Corporation, a US-based firm with facilities in California and Malaysia, provides fully-integrated design, engineering, manufacturing, and post-manufacturing services to medical device and life science instrument companies.

Paramit, describing itself as the “zero-defect” contract manufacturer has announced the official opening of its new 162,000 square foot facility located in Penang, Malaysia. The site will be the region’s largest manufacturing facility for complex medical devices and life sciences instruments, realizing sophisticated systems for genetic and molecular testing, robotic surgery, cancer treatment, and will also serve its current industrial products customer base.

The Penang facility is designed from the ground up to match the state-of-the-art technology and systems employed at the company’s headquarters in California, which integrates worry-free development and proprietary manufacturing processes to perform at “better than best-in-class” levels across quality, delivery, customer service and cost. Paramit also plans to harmonize design, engineering and manufacturing to create a “transferless” process from concept to manufacturing, accelerating time to market, lowering costs and ensuring consistent quality from the first product manufactured to the last.

Located at Penang Science Park in Bukit Minyak, and ultimately planned to employ a workforce of 800 people, the new facility effectively doubles the company’s previous Penang capacity.

Company comments

“Expansion in Asia will enable us to provide a more sophisticated offering to our current regional customers, but also bring new levels of speed-to-market and peace of mind to our customers globally,” said Billoo Rataul, Paramit Chief Executive Officer. “In building this site from scratch, we were able to accommodate the challenging climate by employing state-of-the-art architecture and design that can serve as a model to other companies building in the tropics.”

Michel Van Crombrugge, Country Manager of Paramit Malaysia added, “The medical device industry is incredibly important to Malaysia, with double digit growth last year and exports in the range of RM 17.8 billion. We are proud to be bringing medical innovations to life and contributing to an area that is a vital source of jobs, revenue and breakthroughs in the region.”

Source: Paramit



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