Arthrex to Commercialize Cartiform® Chondral Allograft

Regenerative medicine company Osiris Therapeutics, Inc., tells us it has entered into an exclusive commercial and development partnership for its cartilage product, Cartiform®, with sports med surgery company Arthrex, Inc.


The potential market for cartilage repair is reportedly up to 500,000 patients in the U.S. per year. Cartilage has limited ability to self-repair and the current standard of care, which includes microfracture, osteochondral transplantation or bone marrow stimulation, can’t claim to have fully addressed the condition.

Osiris clearly believes its Cartiform allograft might be the answer. Cartiform contains viable chondrocytes, chondrogenic growth factors, and extracellular matrix proteins within the intact architecture of healthy hyaline cartilage. It has been shown to promote articular cartilage repair to treat focal chondral defects.

Cartiform combines the safety and proven success of fresh osteochondral allografts with ease of use resulting from Osiris’ proprietary cryopreservation technology. Cartiform is stored at -80 degrees Celsius with a two year shelf life and can be implanted in a single step procedure.

The Agreement provides Arthrex with exclusive commercial distribution rights to Cartiform, with Osiris responsible for manufacturing, continued research and product improvement activities. The responsibilities related to the design and conduct of future clinical development programs will be shared between both organizations.

Company comments

for Osiris

“We are excited to enter this strategic partnership with Arthrex, the clear industry leader in sports medicine, as well as in foot and ankle devices and instrumentation, to address an unmet need in cartilage repair that demands an innovative cellular regenerative medical solution,” said Dwayne Montgomery, Osiris’ General Manager of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine. Cartiform, a viable chondral allograft, offers a unique solution to repair and restore damaged cartilage in the knee, foot, ankle, and other major joints. Cartiform has demonstrated promising clinical outcomes.

for Arthrex

“Arthrex is excited for the opportunity to partner with Osiris on the commercialization of the Cartiform technology. Arthrex has the product development and distribution capabilities to train and educate surgeons about the unique characteristics of Cartiform and to help them better treat their patients,” said David Shepard, Orthobiologics Director of Arthrex.

Source: Osiris Therapeutics, Inc., Business Wire

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