BD’s New Needle Technology Eases Pain For Diabetics

In short

BD Medical, a segment of BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company), has announced the launch in the U.S. of the BD Ultra-Fine™ Nano Pen Needle with PentaPoint™ Comfort. The product is pitched at the reported 47% of diabetics who say they would be more likely to administer their injections regularly if a product were available that would ease the pain and discomfort.


In recent years, advances in needle manufacturing technology, along with shorter and thinner needles, have been associated with progressively improving patient self-rating of injection comfort6.

Yet studies suggest that as many as one-fifth to one-third of people with diabetes are still hesitant or unwilling to give themselves insulin injections for reasons that include needle anxiety1, 2, 3. Patients who reported injection-related pain or embarrassment also admitted they intentionally skipped insulin injections more often3.

BD’s latest advancement in injection comfort, PentaPoint is a patented 5-bevel needle tip design that, the company says, creates a flatter, thinner surface to help penetrate the skin with significantly greater ease. In a clinical home-use study, patients who inject insulin found BD’s 5-bevel pen needles to be significantly less painful, easier to insert, more comfortable and preferred overall when compared with current 3-bevel pen needles5. Bench tests showed the modified PentaPoint needle tip reduces the force to penetrate the skin by 23% compared to 3-bevel pen needles.

Company comments

“BD Diabetes Care has been a leader in diabetes injection devices for over 85 years, and is committed to helping improve patients’ transition and adherence to injectable therapies by improving the efficacy, convenience and comfort of medication delivery. We are excited to provide another first-to-market innovation, designed to dramatically improve the injection experience for the millions of people living with diabetes,” commented Linda Tharby, President, BD Medical – Diabetes Care. “Building on the introduction of BD’s smallest needle, the BD Nano, we are confident that our new, patented PentaPoint Comfort technology will provide an even more comfortable injection experience. This will help enable patients to adopt and adhere more easily to the therapy regimens recommended to improve their outcomes.”


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Source: BD Medical, PR Newswire

Extracted from full BD press release which can be found here