Biomet And OrthoSensor’s Promotional Partnership

In short

In mid March,  Biomet, Inc., and OrthoSensor™ issued a joint press release announcing their co-promotion partnership.

OrthoSensor describes itself as a leader in intelligent orthopedics and it does seem that there is great mutual logic in the decision to tie up its promotional activities with a significant implant player. The companies will co-promote Biomet’s Vanguard® Complete Knee System and OrthoSensor’s VERASENSE™, although quite what the deal looks like has not been disclosed.


Research has shown that soft tissue balance may aid in the reduction of pain, polyethylene wear, and aseptic loosening while improving patients’ proprioception. So the theory goes that if a surgeon can make informed adjustments to the soft tissues and implant placement, the knee will be better balanced and as such the outcome improved.

OrthoSensor’s VERASENSE™ is a trial bearing, designed for use with the Vanguard® Complete Knee System. It is embedded with sensors and microelectronics to provide surgeons with real-time knee kinetic data. The sensors wirelessly transmit information to a graphic display, allowing surgeons to quantify soft-tissue loads throughout the range of motion.

Company comments

for OrthoSensor

Jay Pierce, CEO of OrthoSensor, stated, “Combining Biomet’s Vanguard® Knee System with VERASENSE™ takes knee replacement surgery to a new level of precision by providing surgeons with actionable, intraoperative data to quantify and verify that they balance a knee implant properly during total knee replacement surgery. We are extremely pleased to partner with Biomet and expand access to OrthoSensor’s technology for surgeons using the Vanguard® system.”

for Biomet

Todd O. Davis, Biomet General Manager and Vice President of Global Knees, commented, “Biomet is thrilled with its relationship with OrthoSensor and is excited to add this sensor technology to our Vanguard® Knee platform. We believe that the impact this will have on soft tissue balancing will be dramatic.”

Source: Biomet, Inc.