Chronic Wound Spray CE Marked

In short
Based on a Sangui BioTech patent, the technology for a spray aiming at improved healing of chronic wounds has now achieved CE marking and will shortly be available. Global licensee SastoMed GmbH will be in charge of marketing and distribution of what will be named Granulox, and launch of the product is said by the company to be imminent.


Sangui BioTech develops innovative pharmaceuticals and medical products serving the biological regeneration of cells through the compensatory supply of oxygen as a vital substrate to the human body. Granulox utilises this technology in what the company claims is a product that improves healing of chronic wounds.

The CE mark certification for Granulox was obtained only 16 months after the founding of the joint venture company SastoMed by Sangui BioTech GmbH and SanderStrothman GmbH and well ahead of the initial two year road map.

Company comments

SastoMed Managing Director Michael Sander said: “This is a definitive breakthrough enabling us to capitalize on the great opportunities this unique product offers. We now sell the only therapeutic which can help to soothe the problem of hypoxia i.e. the lack of oxygen supply to chronic wounds. This technology can be regarded as a significant innovation in wound treatment. Already, we experience numerous individual requests and a growing awareness among leading wound management experts. We are excited to offer them a highly effective supplement to the existing treatments.”

“With the imminent market entry of the product our company enters a new stage”, Hubertus Schmelz, Managing Director of SanguiBioTech GmbH emphasised. “It also confirms that the cooperation with SanderStrothmann was and continues to be a decisive step ahead for us with both sides now benefiting from the professionalism and the good mutual relationship established over the past years.”

Tell us more please

The somewhat under-informative press release tells us very little about the technology and promises details of the sales plan as well as of future activities are to be disclosed in due course. Can’t wait.

Source: Sangui BioTech GmbH, PR Newswire