Contract Manufacturer Valtronic Ships its First OrthoSensor VERASENSE™ Knee System

The Verasense™ knee system (the turquoise part of the attached image) has been all over the medtech news pages in recent months as many of the big knee-replacement companies have signed up to incorporating this clever technology into their offerings. So it’s probably a good thing that the developer and supplier, OrthoSensor™, has a handle on its manufacturing capability, having partnered with Valtronic for the contract manufacture of the devices.


The Verasense Knee System is used during total knee replacement to quantify joint loading and soft tissue balance. Research has shown that soft tissue balance may aid in the reduction of pain, wear, and implant loosening, while also improving how the knee replacement feels to the patient. The OrthoSensor Verasense Knee System provides surgeons with real-time data that enables evidence-based intraoperative decisions regarding component position, limb alignment and soft-tissue releases to achieve soft tissue balance and stability through a full range of motion.

Electronics contract manufacturer, Valtronic desribes itself as a niche “mechatronics” manufacturing solutions company, producing integrated electronic and mechanical products. Valtronic has now shipped its first Verasense Knee System created by OrthoSensor™ from its new bioburden ISO Class 8 clean room after months of preparation and planning.

Company comments

for OrthoSensor 

Juan C. Fernandez, EVP Operations for OrthoSensor, stated, “OrthoSensor is very excited about the partnership with Valtronic. Valtronic is a well-established contract manufacturer of medical devices and has demonstrated the ability to align with OrthoSensor’s Best in Class requirements.”

for Valtronic

“Verasense is a great example of what an intelligent orthopaedic product can do to enhance the performance of an implant,” exclaims Jim Ohneck, Chief Marketing Officer at Valtronic. “The partnership with OrthoSensor is a perfect fit for our capability.”

Source: Valtronic, PR Newswire

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