Last Days Of PIP Trial

So we’re nearly there. The trial of PIP boss Monsieur Mas is at the stage of final remarks and prosecutors are calling for a sentence amounting to four years in jail for a variety of offences including aggravated financial fraud. According to an item in today’s (May 16) Daily Telegraph (UK),

prosecutors also called for PIP founder Jean-Claude Mas, 73, to pay a 100,000 euro (£85,000) fine and to be banned from working in medical services or from running a company. Mas is alleged to have used industrial grade silicone gel in 75 per cent of cases, which amounts to a significant population of up to 300,000 women worldwide.

Five PIP executives are on also on trial, charged with aggravated fraud for using industrial-grade silicone in implants. The prosecution has called for prison terms of between six months and two years for the other defendants.

The defence will present its closing arguments from Wednesday to Friday, after a month-long court case, that is one of the largest France has ever seen.

We’ll be waiting with interest.

Source: Daily Telegraph