Earthquakes Devastate Italian MedTech Cluster

European medtech industry body Eucomed has posted an item about the impact of recent earthquake activity in Italy on the locale’s medical device industry. Quite poignant in a week when US House of Representatives is getting hot under the collar about a sales tax, which it could be argued may wreak its own kind of devastation, but on a slightly less physically disastrous scale. The article is a plea for support for the area, which we’re more than happy to pass on.

The Eucomed feature in full reads:

Earthquakes in Italy’s Emilia Romagna region have had devastating effects on local communities with several casualties, thousands left homeless and total damage estimated at more than five billion euros. The region is also home to more than 100 medical technology firms, who despite extensive structural damage, are working tirelessly to ensure a steady supply of the devices desperately needed in Italy and beyond. Manufacturers in Mirandola for example, are responsible for the production of more than 60% of the dialysis technology needed by some 46,000 Italian patients. Italy’s national medtech association Assobiomedica has met with the country’s health ministry to set up a task force to counter supply chain interruptions of this and other critical technologies produced in the area.

In a show of industry solidarity, companies from around Italy have responded to the disaster with offers of help for the region’s ailing medtech cluster. Assobiomedica has compiled these offers—which range from essential materials to storage space to construction assistance—on a dedicated website.

While Assobiomedica is only in a position to coordinate assistance efforts from local companies, those interested in helping are invited to contribute to an account set up for general earthquake relief:

IBAN: IT73L0306905061 100000000671


Banca Intesa Sanpaolo

viale Lina Cavalieri

236 – 00139 Roma

Eucomed joins Assobiomedica in extending our sympathies to victims of the disaster and looks forward to a speedy recovering for the region’s vibrant population and innovative medtech industry community.