FETOfit® Strapless Foetal Monitoring Showcased at Medica 2016

A leading UK manufacturer of single-use medical devices for women’s health, Pelican Feminine Healthcare will be showcasing its latest technologies at MEDICA 2016.


November 16/17 sees Europe’s annual medtech “fest” in the form of the Medica exhibition, so companies are starting to tell us what they’ll be showcasing at the event.

One such, Pelican Feminine Healthcare will be showing the FETOfit® strapless foetal monitoring solution and PELIspec® Pro-Wall vaginal speculum designed to offer added vaginal wall support.

Simple, secure and strapless, the FETOfit® is a disposable device specifically designed to secure both TOCO and CTG transducers quickly and easily for foetal monitoring.

The hypoallergenic adhesive pads adhere directly to the front of the abdomen with a flexible material that moulds to the body’s contours, offering a secure fit whilst promoting maternal comfort and mobility with easy access for epidural.

Also on show, Pelican’s PELIspec® Pro-Wall® is a device is used in cases where anterior vaginal wall laxity can compromise cervical investigations. This product features a ready-applied latex-free sheath configured to efficiently secure an unobstructed view of the cervical anatomy ensuring maximum visibility and time-saving during the procedure.

The company will be at MEDICA 2016 to meet new and existing export partners, with a particular focus on new distribution partners in Latin America.

Company comments

Export Manager, Michael Denver, said: “Our products are revolutionising the single-use market and are fast becoming products of choice for health services and professionals worldwide. We are keen to build on this success globally, especially in Latin America and MEDICA is the perfect platform to appoint new partners and develop existing relationships.”

“We have invested heavily in the design and manufacture of products including the market-leading PELIspec® – strength tested every four hours to ensure it meets stringent product specifications. These checks are conducted at a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the UK, which since 2011 has served international markets with production of over 15 million vaginal speculum.”

Source: Pelican Feminine Healthcare

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