First Implantation of Integra’s Titan™ Reverse Shoulder System

Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corporation has announced the first implantation of its Integra® Titan™ Reverse Shoulder System, in the United States.


The global shoulder replacement market is estimated to reach approximately $865 million in 2014 and $1.3 billion by 2017. With the addition of the Titan Reverse Shoulder System, which addresses both the press-fit and cemented reverse shoulder market, Integra says it is well positioned to gain a key foothold in this rapidly growing market.

Integra’s Reverse Shoulder System is built on a unique platform stem. This stem simplifies the conversion of a primary total shoulder, or hemi for fracture, to a reverse shoulder, without the need to remove a stem that is well-fixed in the patient’s bone. The system offers fully interchangeable components, which allow all primary, reverse, and fracture humeral bodies to be used with either the press-fit or cemented platform stems. This flexibility provides surgeons with minimally invasive intraoperative options, and the ability to offer continued care for the lifetime of the patient.

Physician comments

The system, which is used in the treatment of shoulder replacement surgery, was implanted by .

“I was very pleased with the flexibility of the system’s platform stem,” said William Geissler, M.D., Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. “The patient had two unsuccessful attempts at massive cuff repair and was in severe pain, with limited range of motion. During surgery, we found that the patient’s cuff tear was not repairable, which, combined with such severe arthritis, made her the perfect patient for reverse shoulder arthroplasty.”

“The instrumentation really helped in placement and orientation of the prosthesis, and the shoulder was very stable intra-operatively,” continued Dr. Geissler. “The featured modularity of the system helped me custom fit the prosthesis to the patient, and the press-fit application simplified the procedure and saved precious operative time.”

Company comments

“The first implantation of our new Reverse Shoulder System is a great accomplishment, and we are very pleased with the outcome,” said Robert Paltridge, Corporate Vice President, President — Extremity Reconstruction. “The system greatly expands our shoulder portfolio and offers surgeons additional options for patients who have exhausted other treatments. We look forward to the continued success and growth in this market.”

Source: Integra Lifesciences Holdings Corporation