LimFlow Completes Enrollment in PROMISE II Pivotal Trial

LimFlow funding aims to prevent CLTI

LimFlow SA tells us that it has completed patient enrollment in the pivotal trial of the LimFlow System for chronic limb-threatening ischemia (CLTI) patients. The LimFlow System is designed to reestablish arterialization in deep veins for patients who have exhausted other methods and  face major amputation of their lower limbs.


As a search of our pages will show, we’ve followed the LimFlow story for a while now. LimFlow is a pioneer in the development of minimally-invasive technology for the treatment of CLTI, a severe form of peripheral artery disease (PAD),

When all other therapeutic options have been exhausted a CLTI patient is typically facing major amputation. The minimally-invasive LimFlow system offers hope for these patients. The device is designed to bypass blocked arteries in the leg and deliver oxygenated blood back into the foot via the veins. For many patients, restoring perfusion in the lower limbs resolves chronic pain, improves quality of life, enables wound healing, and prevents major amputation.

PROMISE II is a multi-center, prospective, single-arm study being conducted at multiple sites in the U.S. Using an adaptive statistical design, the study enrolled 105 no-option CLTI patients. Endpoints include amputation-free survival at six months, limb salvage and wound healing. Subjects will be followed out to three years. The no-option patients treated in PROMISE II were determined by an independent physician committee to be no longer eligible for conventional endovascular or surgical therapy to treat CLTI.

Investigator comments

“The PROMISE II investigators are very encouraged by our experience using the LimFlow System to treat CLTI patients with no other options. These are likely the sickest patients ever to have been enrolled in a limb salvage trial,” said Daniel Clair, MD, PROMISE II principal investigator and Professor and Chair of the Department of Vascular Surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center Section of Surgical Sciences.

“Major amputations have a devastating effect on the lives of patients and their families. We are excited about the prospect of helping improve the lives of more of these patients once this novel technology becomes broadly available.”

More CLTI studies

LimFlow also announced completion of enrollment in the CLariTI study of approximately 200 high-risk and no-option CLTI patients. The prospective, observational, multicenter CLariTI study will track the clinical progression of CLTI. This will include incidence of death, amputation, and revascularization attempts in patients undergoing standard medical management for the disease over a one-year period.

“Despite suffering from the most advanced form of CLTI, these no-option and high risk patients have been excluded from other trials,” said Anahita Dua, MD, MS, MBA, FACS, CLariTI principal investigator, vascular surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital, and Assistant Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School. “Our hope is that the CLariTI study gives us better insights into the reintervention, amputation and death rates in no-option and high-risk patients treated with the current standard of care.”

Company comments

“It is tremendous to see the clinical community’s enthusiasm for the PROMISE II pivotal trial and the prospect of a new option for these desperate patients,” said LimFlow CEO Dan Rose.

“While PROMISE II will demonstrate the progress of patients treated with LimFlow, CLariTI will tell us more about outcomes for high risk and no-option patients being treated with today’s interventional options. Running these studies concurrently gives us a wealth of data in order to learn about the progress of disease and quality of life in both treated and untreated patients. It will also highlight the gap between what is achievable with today’s FDA-approved therapies and what is possible with our transformational approach to CLTI using the LimFlow System.”

Click here to view a video of how the LimFlow System for deep vein arterialization works.

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CAUTION: The LimFlow technology is approved for investigational use only in the United States. The LimFlow System received the CE Mark and is currently available commercially in Europe. The LimFlow System has not been approved for sale in the USA, Canada, or Japan.

Source: LimFlow SA

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