Medical Device Alert: Auxiliary Common Gas Outlet on Aestiva, Aisys, Aespire and Avance Anaesthetic Machinesed by Lifecare Hospital Supplies Ltd

UK MHRA has issued a Medical Devices Alert(MDA) relating to the Auxiliary Common Gas Outlet (ACGO) on all Aestiva, Aisys, Aespire and Avance anaesthetic machines manufactured by GE Healthcare.

According to the MDA, the accidental, incorrect setting of the ACGO switch will result in no fresh gas flow to the patient. Furthermore, if the circle breathing circuit is incorrectly attached to the ACGO, this may result in patient barotrauma.

Action is required by anaesthetic and theatre staff involved in the set-up and use of these devices. Action includes

ensuring that:

• the position of the ACGO lever and breathing circuit connections are checked before the start of every case, as recommended by the manufacturers and in the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland (AAGBI) pre-use checklist. Care is especially recommended for paediatric lists where breathing circuits are changed routinely between patients.

• relevant members of staff have been fully trained in the use of these anaesthetic machines and are aware of the manufacturer’s training guidance produced in collaboration with the Safety Committee of AAGBI

This post is extracted from the full MDA, which should be consulted and can be found here. Manufacturer’s training guidance can also be found on the link. The action is due for completion by December 16th.

Source: MHRA