Whatever Next? Medical Industry’s First Women’s Designer Lab Coat

As a healthy distraction from the day job of trawling through the latest bit of company puff about its new widget, we spotted this one and couldn’t resist. It seems Medelita Professional Lab Coats and Performance Scrubs has identified quite a large gap in the market for lab coats. Consequently the company’s new product development plan now includes the medical industry’s very first “limited edition” women’s designer edition.


Medelita seems to have noticed that laboratories are filled with people wearing rather shapeless attire. Who, after all, has never had to shoehorn themselves into a “small” or get swamped in something designed for Hagrid. All of course with statutory stains, holes and indelible ink marks.

You’ll be yelping “how did we ever survive” when you take a close look at Medelita’s very own limited edition female-only offering. The company says its new women’s designer lab coat is a complete departure from its unisex predecessors, with a sleek envelope collar, vertical princess and high waist seaming, and perfectly placed pockets that are both functional and durable. Can’t wait to accidentally find myself slipping that one on.

Anyway, it seems they’re on to something, having sold out within 4 days after the lab coat was launched….despite being alluringly named “Vera G.,” after one of the first female professors of surgery in the world.

Company founder and lead product designer, Lara Francisco, spent months in Los Angeles’ historic fashion district working with several prominent design shops to find the perfect fit for the first lab coat in this line.

Company comments

Lara explains, “We have all worked very hard to make this a reality and we’re so proud of the results. We have come a very long way since we started in 2008, and I’m lucky to have the opportunity to continue learning and developing professional garments that offer clinicians with a stunning alternative to their traditional uniforms.” Based on the success of the new lab coat, the company has decided to fold the design into its core production while it continues to work toward its next “limited edition” product.

The company anticipates its next “limited edition” release will happen early in 2015. Guessing it won’t be a men’s version….. maybe we’ve already got that one. 

Source: Medelita, PR Newswire

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