Mölnlycke Health Care Acquires Novel Wound Therapy Treatment

In short

Mölnlycke Health Care has announced that it has acquired a pioneering electrical stimulation technology that is said to help accelerate wound healing. The product currently marketed under the name of woundEL® has been purchased from Gerromed GmbH* and is in an early phase of commercialisation, which will no doubt be accelerated under the new owner.


As recently as February we discussed the use of extracorporeal shockwave therapy as a tool in the treatment of non-healing wounds which can be very expensive to treat, placing a burden on healthcare systems world-wide.

Electrical stimulation is an alternative therapeutic area targeting the same chronic wounds, recent research in bioelectricity having shown significant links between endogenous electrical fields in the body and the wound healing process. Electrical stimulation has been shown to impact numerous healing processes including transcutaneous oxygen tension and capillary density in the tissue as well as stimulating the migration of keratinocytes, macrophages, leukocytes and fibroblasts. It is also reported to reduce oedema and wound pain.

Mölnlycke Health Care is clearly a believer and by making this acquisition will significantly accelerate its entry into this novel treatment area for hard to heal wounds.

Clinician comments

Commenting on woundEL, Professor Debus, head of vascular medicine at the University Heart Center Hamburg-Eppendorf in Germany stated, “Electrostimulation with woundEL provides an effective treatment for chronic and complicated wounds and is well tolerated by the patients. I am impressed by the way the wounds appear to be triggered from the inflammatory phase to the healing phase.”

Company comments

“Electrical stimulation is particularly exciting as a significant body of clinical research and evidence indicates that it provides a very cost-effective way to accelerate wound healing,” said Phil Cooper, President of the Mölnlycke Health Care Wound Care Division. “Together with the Avance® Negative Pressure Wound Therapy product line and the array of dressings utilizing Safetac® technology, this acquisition provides Mölnlycke Health Care with an extensive variety of proven wound care therapy solutions.”

The technology will be developed within Mölnlycke Health Care’s newly established Electrical Stimulation business unit (EStim). Bertrand Hughes, Business Director of EStim explained, “This innovative technology will be further developed with strategic partners and in consultation with the inventor of woundEL: Mr Lucas Garabet. The company is very excited about this technology and the benefits it will bring for patients in terms of reduced pain and avoidance of social isolation.”

The acquisition of the electrical stimulation technology follows Mölnlycke Health Care’s recent acquisition of the burn and wound care business from Brennen Medical, covered on our pages here.

Source: Mölnlycke Health Care

*Gerromed GmbH will continue as a separate legal entity marketing anti-decubitus mattresses.