NICE Support for TURis Could Spell End of TURP for Prostatic Benign Hyperplasia

The Uk’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), has issued guidance supporting a novel surgical system for reducing the size of enlarged prostate glands in men.


The freshly published medical technology guidance encourages the NHS to use Olympus Medical’s TransUrethral Resection in saline (TURis) system. Similar to an endoscope with a diathermy wire in front of the camera, the device uses bipolar electrosurgery to cut away or vaporise excess prostate tissue.

NICE compares the TURis system with the incumbent TURP method, and finds an overall saving of up to £375 ($640) per patient using the new technology. Compared with TURP, TURis reduces the need for blood transfusion and has the potential to also reduce the length of hospital stay and rates of hospital readmission. The device also avoids the risk of TUR syndrome – a rare but serious complication of prostate resection, which can occur with monopolar electrosurgery.

NICE comments 

Professor Carole Longson, Director of the NICE Centre for Health Technology Evaluation, said: “We’re pleased to publish this new guidance which will help the thousands of men each year who need surgery because of problems caused by an enlarged prostate gland.

“The NICE guidance recommends that the TURis system should be considered for use in patients where surgery is needed because of severe symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate, such as a blocked urinary tract. The TURis system offers a range of benefits for patients – this bipolar electrosurgery system avoids the risk of a potentially fatal syndrome which can occur with the more commonly performed monopolar prostate electrosurgery. It may also mean a shorter hospital stay and less chance of needing to be readmitted to hospital after treatment.

“Having examined the evidence, the independent Medical Technologies Advisory Committee has concluded that as well as benefiting patients by reducing the need for blood transfusion, using the TURis system is also likely to benefit the NHS by potentially saving up to £375 per patient.”

Source: NICE

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