Prep-Less Colon Imaging Capsule Aims to Improve Screening Compliance

Last week was Digestive Disease Week® (DDW®) 2014 in Chicago, an opportunity for new technologies to air themselves in public. One such is Israeli company Check-Cap Ltd. with its novel imaging capsule. The company says the device has the potential to safely produce high-resolution images of the colon without requiring patients to go through the bowel cleansing process beforehand, a claim supported by data presented at a research forum during the main meeting.


Check-Cap is a medical diagnostics company focused on the development of gastrointestinal imaging devices. The company’s lead product is an endoscopy capsule that utilizes proprietary, ultra-low-energy X-ray-based measurement technology to safely generate high-resolution, 3-dimensional imagery of the colon without cleansing or other aggressive bowel preparation. Check Cap are hoping that by providing a more patient-friendly solution to GI tract imaging, they may contribute to increased compliance with screening recommendations.

For the 10-case study reported at DDW(M=7, F=3) the Check-Cap high-resolution colon imaging capsule was ingested.  the capsules were tracked during the passage using radio frequency telemetry and an electromagnetic localization system (ELS). The capsules also perform low-dose high resolution x-ray scans when movement in the colon is detected and transmit the imaging data to an external recorder unit worn by the patient.

The data obtained from this study and presented by Dr. Arber demonstrated the safety and proof of concept of the Check-Cap Imaging System. All patients in the study were able to ingest and naturally excrete the capsule without discomfort or side effects. In addition, using ultra-low dose equivalent to a dental x-ray or a flight from New York to London, intra colonic 3D circumferential imaging was achieved in the prep-less colon of human subjects with no prior cleansing.

A multi-center study is planned to further study the clinical efficacy of the Check-Cap Imaging System for the detection of pre-cancerous polyps.

Investigator comments

“Fewer than 20% of Europeans and 55% of Americans in the target population for colon screening actually undergo colonoscopies according to guidelines and one of the major hurdles is the burdensome preparation process required to thoroughly cleanse the bowel,” said lead investigator Nadir Arber, M.D., Director, Integrated Cancer Prevention Center at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center in Israel, and President of the Israeli Society of Gastroenterology. “There is a critical need for increasing colon cancer screening compliance and a prep-free alternative could help overcome this significant hurdle.”

Source: Check-Cap, Ltd.

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