Remarkable Tale of French Patient After Two Years with SynCardia Total Artificial Heart

“I clearly expected my last breath.”

Patients on the list for a heart transplant can wait several months or even years before finding one that is compatible. Despite being described as a short-term bridge to transplantation, a French patient now has two years of assistance under his belt with the SynCardia temporary total artificial heart.


Before receiving the total artificial heart in 2011, 36 year old Frédéric Thiollet had been unable to sleep or eat, despite being tired and hungry. He had lost 32 Kg (70lb) in two months and weighed only 50Kg (110lbs).

Frédéric received the Syncardia device on August 5, 2011 and two months after surgery had recovered 35 kg (77 pounds) and was leading daily physical activity with light weights and an exercise bike.

The system’s portable power source, managed by the Freedom driver laptop device meant he was ultimately able to wait at home for a donor heart.

The total artificial heart provides immediate, safe blood flow up to 9.5 liters per minute through each ventricle . This high volume of blood flow helps speed the recovery of vital organs, and improves the patient’s eligibility for transplantation.

Patient comments

“I’m fine and I feel confident two years after my transplant,” said Frederic Thiollet. “I got all my physical functions, including my sexual activity, I thought I had lost forever. As I say, I received a true resurrection, a new birth. I have no physical limitation. I am as strong and healthy as before, or even more. ”

“The benefits of the Freedom driver device is invaluable,” says Frédéric Thiollet. “I was able to resume my daily life with my family instead of having to wait for a heart donation for months or years in the hospital. Due to the high levels of antibodies in my system, it will be virtually impossible to find a heart for me. But I will continue my progress with the total artificial heart. It allows me to enjoy every day of life, and for a long time. ”

Physician comments

“This young man was suffering from severe congestive heart failure,” according to Professor Daniel Duveau , medical director of the Institute of the thorax at the University Hospital of Nantes, France . “We chose the SynCardia total artificial heart for several reasons. In our experience of 25 years, the total artificial heart has provided better results than any other biventricular support device. For example, in our hospital, 75% of patients went on to receive a heart transplant, compared to just 40% in patients with p-VAD. In addition, other biventricular support devices delivered a poor quality of life. The SynCardia total artificial heart, powered by the Freedom ® Portable Driver device provides patients the mobility they need to resume life at home, as seen with Mr. Thiollet. ”

Source: Syncardia, Inc., PR Newswire