UK Medtech Delegation Heads to Texas

Texas is about to play host to the first ever delegation of innovative medical technology companies from the United Kingdom.


The UK’s Medtech Sector turns over an estimated $26Billion, employs over 88000 people and can claim to have changed millions of lives across the globe.

This month, the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FOC), its trade investment body (UKTI) and the UK’s medical technology industry body, the Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI), are bringing a select delegation of medical technology pioneers to Austin, San Antonio and Houston. This is the first trip of an 18-month programme that aims to showcase the UK’s medtech industry, foster new relationships to develop and adopt cutting-edge medical technologies.

Eight months of planning with medical centres, university hospitals and the United States Armed Forces, will see the British visitors meeting with Texan hospitals and life sciences organisations.  

The list of companies involved in the visit include Paxman, manufacturer of a scalp cooling system that stops patients from losing their hair during chemotherapy. Also attending will be Pulse Flow Technologies who make wearable technology for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers, Snap40 a wearable tech maker that allows patients to stay at home and yet be monitored for vital signs and risk. 

For Texan-based companies, it’s an important opportunity to learn about and engage with the UK’s health system and understand how the market works.

Industry spokesman comments 

Peter Ellingworth, ABHI’s Chief Executive Officer, stated; “We are very excited to be strengthening relationships for the medical technology sector between the UK and this great state. I know there is a huge amount we can learn from one another. We are honoured to be hosted by the state of Texas, as it works to become a world leader in health and life sciences.”



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