Can Medtech Learn from Retailers

In the weeks approaching Christmas the big UK retailers turn the heat up with their multi-million pound campaigns that make sure we view them the way they’d like. Every year these mini movies get more expensive, more sophisticated and less “salesy”. And this year they’ve been accompanied by multi-element social media campaigns that compound their effect and leave us customers feeling, well, “engaged”.

Whether the medical device industry can steal any ideas from its retail brothers is in the hands of the individual marketers that make it up. We explore and provoke a bit of thought in this week’s View from the Med editorial, which is online now here.

What’s a “given” though is that social media is here to stay as an integral component of any competent medtech company’s marcomms arsenal. The big issues are probably more about the appropriateness of all this medical talk in open forum, which may leave companies choosing to make online media a pipeline for pouring news down rather than a vehicle for two way communication.

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