Medtronic and Covidien a “No-Brainer”

As nuptials go, this is going to be one helluva party. And the good thing seems to be that the taxpayer is paying for the reception. As much as the participants in the Medtronic/Covidien “coming together” may be made for each other, there remains the suspicion that it’s the benefits of changing address that are at the heart of the romance.

In recent weeks we’ve been exploring the power of the big company in the medical devices industry and the recent announcement has fuelled plenty of commentary along similar lines. The speculation goes that consolidation like this is not good for smaller companies who can be shut out of accounts by the sheer muscle of the big companies with their contractual tie ins.

We take things on a bit further in this week’s View from the Med, titled “Medtronic/Covidien Alleviates Tax Pain and Fuels Repeal Lobby”, which you can find here right now.

Alternatively wait ’til Monday and listen to it on our podcast.

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