Weekly Blog: Shadowy Medtech Innovation Pricing Doesn’t Help Keep Lid On Costs

The future of medical provision has a big questionmark hanging over it, simply because somehow we’re going to have to deal with opposing forces which form the conundrum of technological innovation, patient demand and lack of cash. This week, Eucomed CEO Serge Bernasconi defended the medtech industry with his observation that innovations actually saved money or at least weren’t the only reason for spiralling healthcare costs.

He’s right, but we’d add that a bit of commonsense business good practice might not go amiss. Whether in energy or mortgages, prices are becoming ever more transparent and simple by statute. Yet in medtech pricing remains a closely guarded secret, shrouded in the confusion that suits the supplier but does little for the procurer.

Read all about it in this week’s View From The Med, which is online now, here.