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FDA Clears Eximo Medical B-Laser™ Atherectomy System for Peripheral Artery Disease

Eximo Medical Ltd. says it has received U.S. FDA 510(k) clearance for its B-Laser™ Atherectomy System for Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)

Clearance and Launch for Mentor’s CPX4 Smooth Breast Tissue Expander

New tissue expander with smooth surface aids insertion and removal in breast reconstruction surgery

$23 Million for CSA Medical to Advance Cryospray™ Therapies for Esophageal Disease and COPD

Financing will support Expansion of truFreeze® Spray Cryotherapy business for Esophageal Disease and launch of the Reo Radial Catheter in 2019 for Barrett’s Esophagus

Positive Results for RejuvenAir® Metered Cryospray™ in COPD Patients with Chronic Bronchitis

RejuvenAir® feasibility study demonstrate strong safety profile and clinically meaningful improvement on Quality of Life measures at 6-month follow-up in Chronic Bronchitis patients.

New 3T MRI Scanner Lands Safely at The London Clinic After Crane Drop Through Hospital Roof

Patients at The London Clinic, a private hospital and charity, will be the first in the UK to access the latest Siemens MRI imaging technology.

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