What to do if your Blackberry gets wet.

My son’s Blackberry Curve recently accompanied him on a mountain biking holiday, and while away must have got wet….and stopped working. It certainly wasn’t immersed in anything other than alpine rain…honest Dad. Given that the device was on a contract and was less than a year old one might imagine a bit of moisture would be treated as an occupational hazard and the phone duly repaired or replaced. Not so. Apparently the water resistant properties of blackberries are pretty poor because, as we now know they even fit water-detecting blobs and strips inside the phone back and on the battery respectively. What we didn’t expect was to hear phone shop guy sounding so amazed that he often saw people walking past the shop in the rain while on their phones! So there you go; not only is a blackberry hardly waterproof at all, it seems that it can only be used inside (this being northern England).
Incidentally, if you’re wondering what the cost of this little extravaganza was….. £125 for a brand new phone. The only consolation was that the insurance would have been £8.99 per month which after the excess would have meant we were better off not insuring it even after only 9 months useful life. For further guidance try this link.

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