The New Face Of Orthopaedic Education

Pri-Med introduces the International Congress for Joint Reconstruction (ICJR), a new community of orthopaedic surgeons who have come together to improve patient care through innovative education formats.

Each of ICJR’s founding board members, led by President & CEO Dr. Norman Scott and Vice President Dr. Arlen Hanssen, has over 25 years of clinical experience and expertise in orthopaedic education. According to Dr. Scott, “It was time to develop a new environment where orthopaedic surgeons can engage in compliant, year-round live and online CME [continuing medical education], interact with faculty and peers, and have access to information on the latest products and services available to them in their practice.” To support advancements in the field, ICJR’s philanthropic mission redirects all proceeds back into the orthopaedic community.

ICJR was established in response to the highly regulatory CME environment, and the need for a truly compliant educational programs available to the community. “We recognized the need for a curriculum that was 100% compliant, free from commercial biases, grounded in outcomes, and fully comprehensive,” said Dr. Scott. “It’s the future of how to educate surgeons and have a profound impact on orthopaedics.”

Their first annual meeting is scheduled for December 11-13, 2008 in Orlando, Florida. It will offer surgeons features that have never before been implemented in an orthopaedic program:

  • Interactive, rapid-fire presentations driven by involved moderators
  • Live polling utilizing audience response systems that quiz attendees prior to, during, and after sessions to gauge learning
  • Accountability through educational outcomes for all CME sessions

In addition to these live offerings, ICJR has developed the first online community of orthopaedic surgeons to keep members continually engaged through CME activities, opportunities to network with peers, as well as to renowned, expert faculty.

ICJR partnered with Pri-Med to manage both the live and online programs. As the leader in medical education, Pri-Med has a proven track record of managing meetings, from engaging physicians, to developing compliant CME, to providing value to industry.

The response from surgeons and industry alike has demonstrated the need for this event. US-based orthopaedic surgeons are registering for the meeting daily, and industry is taking notice.


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