Bigging Up the World’s Smallest CPAP machine

Human Design Medical, LLC is about to release the most versatile cpap device ever. The company says its Z1™ is a new innovative cpap device that is significantly lighter, smaller, quieter and more integrated than other cpap machines and is changing the rules of design, portability and user experience in the cpap industry.


CPAP, or continuous positive airway pressure, is a treatment that uses mild air pressure to keep the airways open. The therapy is typically used by people who have breathing problems, such as sleep apnea. Cpap machines are usually bulky affairs although in recent years have shrunk to match their descriptions of being portable. They’re still not exactly small though, often the size of a small shoebox.

Contrastingly the Z1 portable cpap device fits in the palm of your hand and weighs an exceptionally light 10 ounces. Human Design Medical says it is the ultimate solution for cpap users who travel as it can fit in a coat pocket or briefcase and is a “breeze to pass through airport security”.

Unlike most cpap machines that require a separate carrying case, the Z1 doesn’t need additional bags. It can even be used on a plane.

The Z1 has an optional PowerShell™ that seamlessly houses an integrated 14.4v lithium ion overnight battery module within a convenient neoprene case. The PowerShell™ has a sophisticated computer chip that enables users to get power either through traditional cords or with a cordless battery. It delivers at least 8 hours of continuous positive airway pressure without external power. If there is a power outage, the Z1 automatically transfers over to battery power so patients can continue their sleep without interruption. It also provides an ideal solution for camping, boating or any other lifestyle activities where external power sources are limited or not available.

The Z1 will work with any cpap mask on the market and features a robust three-year warranty. The device has a backlit LCD display and tactical buttons which provides users with relevant feedback and easy-to-use controls so users always know the status of their session.

The Z1 will be offered through an exclusive network of specialized Internet resellers that include:,,, and

Company comments

“We have had some of the brightest minds in Boston using the most advanced technology over the past several years to make the most lifestyle-focused cpap available. We want users to have success with their therapy and we think the Z1 offers the kind of simplicity and integration that users want,” says Kevin Librett, M.I.T engineering graduate and Executive Vice President of Human Design Medical.

“Our goal was to make cpap treatment more user-friendly for people with active lifestyles and I think we really nailed it. I am a cpap user myself and have taken the Z1 on business trips across the U.S. and overseas and I can attest to the value of having cpap that is ready to go wherever I need it to while taking up as little space as possible. The integration offered by the PowerShell™ -our solution that unifies the cpap machine with an overnight battery module- makes cpap so convenient. It really is a quantum leap in the industry. People are going to love it,” said Steve Moore, the company’s Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing.

Source: Human Design Medical LLC., PR Newswire

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