CE Mark for Arrow® VPS® Catheter Tip Location And Guidance System

In short

Pennsylvania Medical Device Company, Teleflex Inc., has announced that its VasoNova Inc. subsidiary has gained CE mark approval to market the company’s Arrow® VPS (Vascular Positioning System®) to the European Union.


The Arrow VPS System is designed to avoid clinical consequences such as thrombosis, arterial puncture and vessel wall damage  when accessing vessels. The system consists of a portable, reusable console with proprietary vascular positioning system technology and a single-use stylet that is used with compatible central venous and peripherally-inserted central catheters.

According to a company press release, the Arrow VPS system is the first to use a unique micro-Doppler ultrasound technology in combination with intravascular ECG and advanced algorithms to provide precise guidance to clinicians and enable correct placement of catheter tips the first time.

In the United States, this technology is already used to replace chest X-ray in adult patients when the steady blue bullseye is achieved, indicating proper placement, thereby reducing exposure to radiation and streamlining workflow. This provides benefits to the patient, the caregiver and the health care system.


Teleflex began shipping Arrow VPS product in January 2011 to hospitals in the United States and will begin marketing in Europe immediately.

Company comments

“This clearance puts us in a position to establish a new standard of care in catheter placement in Europe,” commented Paul Molloy, President, Vascular Division of Teleflex. “Our goal is to make zero complications a reality to improve outcomes and enhance patient and provider safety.”

Source: Teleflex Inc.