ConvaTec Claims First with Moldable Technology™ One-Piece Ostomy Pouch

ConvaTec is claiming a first with the launch of its new ostomy pouch that brings the clinically-proven skin and leak protection of Moldable Technology to ostomates who prefer the convenience of a one-piece pouch.


People with an ostomy have a surgically-created opening (or stoma) for the discharge of bodily waste, commonly as a result of certain cancers or bowel disease.

Studies show that half of all “ostomates” develop skin complications, and the majority of problems stem from bodily waste leaking in between the stoma and the seal.

Leaks and skin issues also contribute to high levels of hospital readmission for ostomy patients, a big concern for hospitals and other payers who are looking to reduce costs and avoid payment penalties under the Affordable Care Act, while also improving patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Traditional skin barriers don’t move with and respond to the stoma, and can leave gaps and expose skin to the damaging effects of bodily waste. Contrastingly, ConvaTec’s new Esteem®+ one-piece pouch features a moldable, elastic-like seal that “rebounds” to fit any stoma size and shape, providing what the company describes as an incredibly secure, snug fit.

More than 95 percent of patients who start on Moldable Technology keep their skin healthy, and over 86 percent of those with pre-existing skin disorders have been found to experience improved skin after switching. With Moldable Technology, a person with an ostomy simply rolls and molds the adhesive to fit his or her stoma. The moldable seal also “turtlenecks” upward to enhance the seal and maximize skin protection.

The thin, flexible design of the new Esteem®+ pouch also moves with the body and provides a slim profile. Made with a soft comfort panel, the pouch features an advanced filter and an easy-view window on the front of the pouch.

ConvaTec says the launch is the latest in a series of new product introductions that leverage its Moldable Technology to meet a broader set of customer needs.

Company comments

“Having an ostomy can be a very difficult experience,” said Douglas LeFort, Vice President and General Manager of ConvaTec’s Ostomy Care business.

“Our technology is clinically proven to keep skin healthy so that people with an ostomy can live life to the fullest. The one-piece pouch is an important addition to our Moldable Technology portfolio, which addresses a full range of customer needs and preferences.”

Source: ConvaTec, PR Newswire

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