Ethicon’s New Stapler Targets Anastomotic Leak Reduction

J & J company, Ethicon has announced the launch of the ECHELON CIRCULAR™ Powered Stapler which preclinical studies say reduce the risk of anastomotic leakage compared with a competitor.


Anastomosis, the process of surgically connecting two structures, is performed after resection of part of the gastrointestinal tract to connect the remaining sections. It is a critical step in surgery and has a high risk for complications. Tissue tension, poor blood supply and variable tissue thickness can compromise the anastomosis which can lead to significant complications, such as anastomotic leaks. The causes are complex, including patient, surgical and technological factors.

In colorectal surgery the rate of an anastomotic leak varies widely, with some rates as high as 39%. A recent international study estimated the overall rate of anastomotic leak to be 8.6%. Anastomotic leaks can reduce patient 5-year overall survival rates to as low as 33..3%. Furthermore, patients with anastomotic leaks had a longer hospital stay and up to 95% required low anterior resection (LAR) reoperation. The impact on overall healthcare costs varies, albeit costly and in some cases can result in an additional cost to the procedure up to €35,000 +/- 1.500 per patient.

Ethicon’s new powered circular stapler called ECHELON CIRCULAR™ utilises an innovative Gripping Surface and 3D Stapling Technologies. Built on a powered firing platform, the device claims 37% less movement at the distal tip for increased stability and reduces the force to fire by 97% compared to the Covidien (Medtronic) Manual DST Series™ EEA™ Stapler13,#. The company claims its newsStapler may also help to minimize variation in usage and standardize performance across users.

Ethicon says that in preclinical studies, the new ECHELON CIRCULAR™ Powered Stapler was shown to significantly reduce leaks at the staple line without compromising perfusion, compared to the Medtronic Manual DST Series™ EEA™ Stapler. This is in part due to two innovative technologies: Gripping Surface Technology, a proprietary ridge surface, which provides gentler handling with a 33% reduction in compressive forces on tissue, and 3-Dimensional Stapling Technology designed to evenly distribute compression throughout the anastomosis.

ECHELON CIRCULAR™ is now available across Europe, the Middle East and Africa and will be commercially launched at the European Society of Coloproctology’s (ESCP) 14th Annual Meeting in Vienna, 25-27 September 2019.

Clinician comments

“Improving the chances to effectively stop an anastomotic leak is our duty to our patients,” said Professor Tan Arulampalam, Consultant General Surgeon, NHS. “The time to act is now, this is a problem that we cannot ignore any longer.”

Company comments

“We are really excited to be launching the ECHELON CIRCULAR™, the first ever Powered Circular Stapler of its kind,” stated Said Haddad, Vice President ETHICON, EMEA. “This is just another example of how focused we are on reaching new frontiers in surgery and aiming to make a positive difference to patient outcomes with innovative technologies. We’re confident that ECHELON CIRCULAR™ will have a significant impact on surgical experiences and improve outcomes of many patients, even in the most complex of procedures.”

Source: Ethicon

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