New Baby Gorilla® Mini Plating System for Foot & Ankle, Claims Unprecedented Array of Plates

Paragon 28, Inc. announces launch of unprecedented Baby Gorilla® Mini Plating System, small bone fixation system for foot & ankle.


Established in 2010 Paragon 28, Inc.aims to address the unmet and under-served needs of the foot and ankle community, claiming to “re-invent the space of foot and ankle surgery.”

Committed to creating tailored solutions to improve surgical outcomes, Paragon 28 has launched innovative products and instrumentation that help to streamline procedures, allow surgeons flexibility in technique and approach, and facilitate reproducible results benefitting both the surgeon and patient.

Now Paragon 28 says it continues to honor a tradition of comprehensive and innovative solutions with the launch and release of its Baby Gorilla® Mini Plating System. The Baby Gorilla® Mini Plating System leverages the modularity, optionality and specificity from its Gorilla® Plating system and offers a comprehensive set of implants for procedures that may require narrower plates and smaller screws matching the size and anatomy of small bones within the foot and ankle.

The system provides 65 unique Baby Gorilla® plating options from 13 plating families. All plates are designed to accept both 2.0 mm and 2.5 mm locking and non-locking variable angle plate screws. It boasts the most extensive array of universal utility, fracture, and procedure specific plates which require minimal manipulation to achieve satisfactory results.

Plate options found within the Baby Gorilla® Plating System include:

  • Straight Plates
  • L-Plates
  • Oblique L-Plates
  • T-Plates
  • Oblique T-Plates
  • Y-Plates
  • Double-Y-Plates
  • Navicular Plates
  • Cuboid Plates
  • Mesh Plate
  • Jones Fracture Compression and Hook Plates
  • 5th Metatarsal Avulsion Fracture Hook Plates
  • Akin Osteotomy Plates

The Baby Gorilla® Mini Plating System also includes a robust assortment of specially designed instrumentation including curettes, reduction clamps, osteotomes, plate bending tools and compression and distraction devices engineered specifically for use in the foot and ankle for small bone fractures and reconstruction procedures.

Source: PR Newswire

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