New Brandon Medical Coolview-Eco™ Examination Light Reduces Power Consumption

Brandon Medical CUK medical lighting company, Brandon Medical has launched a brand new, efficient LED examination light. The Coolview-Eco™ examination light is a state-of-the-art economical examination light perfectly suited for consulting rooms, GP treatment rooms, ICU and A & E.


Brandon Medical’s Coolview-Eco examination light technology is the perfect choice for value and performance. Coolview-Eco offers a high definition lighting solution with significantly reduced power consumption and environmental impact than traditional halogen lighting solutions. The high brightness output of 6,000 Lux provides bright and clear lighting in the working area and the colour corrected light provides accurate representation of the full colour spectrum. The Coolview-Eco has a low cost of ownership and maintenance as the need for replacement bulbs is eliminated. The LED life time of 30,000 hours equates to 15 years of normal use.

The versatile Coolview-Eco is available in a variety of mounting options including rail, desk, wall or mobile mountings using Brandon Medical’s ‘HX’ spring balanced arm system. The innovative articulated arm system makes arm manoeuvring much easier and lamp head position is maintained. The variety of mounting options available allows for floor space maximization in busy working environments.

Source: Brandon Medical