New HD Pulmonology Endoscopy System from Pentax Medical Claims Crystal Clear Imaging

Japan’s Pentax Medical has announced the launch of a new high-definition (HD) pulmonology endoscopy system in the European, Middle Eastern & African (EMEA) markets. The new DEFINA system in Pulmonology combines a state-of-the art HD processor with i-scan imaging technology and two highly maneuverable HD bronchoscopes. Pentax claims that this powerful combination serves to deliver outstanding HD image quality, which subsequently supports clinical outcomes across the complete range of diagnostic and therapeutic applications.


Pentax Medical is a division of the Hoya Group. Its stated mission is to improve the standard of patient care and quality of healthcare delivery by providing the best endoscopic products and services with a focus on quality, clinically relevant innovation and simplicity.

The HD DEFINA system delivers sharp and clear image quality, enabling rapid and highly detailed visualization for the improved evaluation of anatomical details of the bronchial mucosa. This in combination with i-scan technology facilitates the precise detection and demarcation of suspicious areas and assists in characterization of abnormalities to support therapeutic decisions.

Fully complying with increasing hygiene requirements, the new DEFINA system uses disposable accessories to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. It is also STERRAD® compatible, ensuring that it is clear of multidrug resistant and extreme drug resistant Mycobacterium. Further adding to patient safety, the new disposable suction valve is safely attached to the endoscope using a click mechanism that cannot be dislodged. This also delivers strong suction to efficiently remove secretion and control bleeding for precise sampling.

Used in conjunction with the EPK-3000 HD processor, Pentax claims its two DEFINA HD bronchoscopes are unmatched in their ergonomic design and ease of operation. The new-design lightweight control body of these J10 scopes has an ergonomically positioned suction valve, angulation levers and remote control buttons. Effortless maneuverability within the bronchus, with easy access even to the right upper lobe of the lung, is made possible due to the bronchoscopes’ 210˚ distal tip deflection and insertion tube flexibility.

This new DEFINA system in Pulmonology will be commercially available from September 1st 2016 to all EMEA markets, except for Russia. In UK only the two HD bronchoscopes (EB15-J10 and EB19-J10) will be available.

Company comments

Rainer Burkard, President EMEA of PENTAX Medical, commented: “Through our close relations with practising endoscopists worldwide, we have looked to develop a high-definition video endoscope system that delivers the optimum in visualization, providing crystal clarity. We have produced a system that also offers high standards of hygiene and ergonomics for the full range of diagnostic and therapeutic applications in the Pulmonology field. Our new DEFINA system in Pulmonology is engineered to support the delivery of best clinical outcomes and image quality.”

Source; Pentax Medical

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