Spirosure Launches Fenom PRO™ Breath Analyzer at European Respiratory Society Congress

Spirosure’s Fenom PRO Point-of-Care Breathalyzer has been launched at the European Respiratory Society (ERS) International Congress 2017 in Milan, Italy.


Fenom PRO™ is a portable, battery-operated device that comprises a solid-state sensor which uses an electrochemical reaction to yield a millivolt output. This is then translated by an algorithm into nitric oxide (NO) levels – at the “parts per billion” (ppb) level.

With a name derived from its, function, the patent-protected Fractional exhaled Nitric Oxide (FeNO) breath analyzer combines advanced materials with proprietary algorithms to provide high sensitivity in its ability to detect very small particle concentrations. At the point of care, the patient exhales at a slow rate for 10 seconds to generate results in less than 30 seconds.

Following the trend that sees devices becoming increasingly connected, Fenom PRO will have a companion app and website. Called Fenom CONNECT™, the app will help patients follow their asthma action plan and give them air quality and pollen information to help make informed decisions. The Fenom CONNECT website will allow physicians to quickly configure their patients’ asthma action plans, and assess how their patients have been doing. Fenom CONNECT has the potential to deliver even greater insight into patients’ issues, thus giving more information to the physician for improved clinical decision support.

Fenom PRO is CE-marked for use in Europe by allergists, immunologists and pulmonologists.

The ERS congress the world’s largest meeting for respiratory physicians, scientists and allied health professionals.

Physician comments

“We believe that FeNO monitoring of asthma patients at the point of care offers great potential to advance asthma therapy, monitor adherence of controller maintenance medication use, and may reduce the risk of asthma emergency visits and hospitalizations,” explained Dr. Randall Brown, director of asthma programs at the Center for Managing Chronic Disease at the University of Michigan and a Scientific Advisor to Spirosure. “Also, it’s important to note that the European Respiratory Society is one of several medical professional organizations that has advanced protocols advocating FeNO testing for the assessment, management, and long-term monitoring of asthma.”

Company comments

“We believe that Fenom PRO is a game-changing connected medical device used by healthcare professional as a tool that assists in the diagnosis and monitoring of asthma, and it comprises sensors in addition to a digital ecosystem – designed for enhancing clinical decision support,” said J. Dean Zikria, CEO of Spirosure.

Source: Spirosure

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