Symmetry’s New Uterine Compression Clamp

In short

Instrument, implant and tray maker Symmetry Medical Inc., has launched the Staggs Uterine Compression Clamp through its hospital direct medical device segment, Symmetry Surgical Inc.


Symmetry believes the market for the Staggs Uterine Compression Clamp is substantial. In 2009 there were 4,130,665 births among U.S. residents, with caesarean deliveries representing 32.9% or 1,353,572 of the total.

The Staggs Uterine Compression Clamp is designed to be quickly applied in hands-free fashion to achieve mechanical compression of external portion of the myometrium to address postpartum uterine atony.

The Staggs Uterine Compression Clamp incorporates Babcock-style jaws that stabilise the clamp to secure the myometrium. Silicone jaw inserts aid in the protection of the tissue while securing the fundus of the myometrium. An optional silicone compression belt is designed as an easily adjustable component to enable rapid identification and deployment. The adaptability of the clamp allows the surgeon and their operating room staff to maintain focus on addressing the postpartum uterine atony through application of longitudinal compression of the myometrium with the silicone compression belt.

Clinician (inventor) comments

“Mechanical compression of the myometrium using the Staggs Uterine Compression Clamp allows the surgeon to immediately slow the rate of hemorrhage and significantly lower total blood loss during both routine c-sections and postpartum uterine atony. The clamp is simple, effective and reusable. I hope it will make all c-sections safer and decrease maternal morbidity and mortality worldwide,” said Dr. Stephen M. Staggs, M.D., inventor of the Staggs Uterine Compression Clamp.

Company comments

Chris Huntington, Chief Operating Officer of Symmetry Surgical, added, “The Staggs Uterine Compression Clamp is the latest in Symmetry Surgical’s continuing efforts to address the unmet needs of surgeons and their patients with innovative, clinically relevant designs.”

Source: Symmetry Medical Inc., Globe Newswire