medlatest is changing the face of Medical Device Information Sharing

Anyone familiar with the web will be acutely aware of the pace of development in new media… blogging, facebook, twitter, the list of icons appearing all over the place is testament to the fact that the world is finding more and more ways of communicating with itself. However, if you’re a clinician you’re still most likely to get information, whether relevant to your practice or just plain interesting, from your colleagues, from company reps or from clinical publications. Similarly, if you’re a specifier of new products or at all involved in the process, your information sources are limited and likely to raise as many questions relating to self-interest of the information source as they provide answers.

medlatest is designed to fill the gap, especially for international markets. It’s put together by a unique combination of medtech industry experienced people and web experts so you can be assured it will provide filtered information in a user friendly way. It can be a window on the medical devices world for healthcare providers and clinicians while also being a mouthpiece for the providers of medical devices. What’s critical is that it is intended to be a vehicle not only for the giants in the medtech world, but also for the “ankle biters”, companies with new technologies and solutions who find it so hard to get heard in today’s “big corporate” world.

Importantly, medlatest fills the gap between gossip/word of mouth and clinical publication. It provides an insight into fields as diverse as the current state of medical devices regulatory affairs, through mergers and acquisitions, to people moves, to new widgets, and tries to do so in a balanced and impartial way. It won’t bury its reader under a weight of US stock market updates, new rep appointments in South Dakota or FDA approvals unless those news items are relevant or interesting for an international, especially European audience. Occasionally medlatest will editorialise current issues and controversies, but most of the time it will aim to be a news aggregator par excellence, filtering news and setting it out using all the tools of the trade to enable its readers to apply their own additional filters to only receive news items of interest to them. It is not however a “newsfeed” based site… content is hand-picked for relevance, interest and usefulness.

Probably most importantly medlatest is a living thing that will grow through participation. It sits between companies and clinicians and needs feedback from both.

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