FDA Approves Cochlear’s Aqua+ Accessory, Making Nucleus® the World’s Most Waterproof Cochlear Implant

Cochlear Limited, the global leader in implantable hearing solutions, announced that the U.S. FDA has approved the Aqua+ accessory, the only waterproof behind-the-ear solution for cochlear implant recipients on the market today.


The Aqua+ is a form-fitting, easy-to-use, versatile accessory that allows Cochlear™ Nucleus® 5 and Nucleus 6 Implant recipients to swim underwater for up to two hours. So says the press release, but one suggests they might not mean that literally!

The new Aqua+ gives recipients the ability to swim while wearing their sound processor behind the ear. Its flexible, watertight sleeve simply fits over their sound processor behind the ear, so they don’t have to find other places to secure their sound processor, like a swimsuit. A specially-designed waterproof coil then connects to the sound processor within the sleeve.

While the Nucleus 5 and Nucleus 6 Sound Processors already have a high water resistance rating, the Aqua+ provides added confidence with its IP68 water resistance rating.1 It is safe to use in all types of water including chlorinated pools, fresh water lakes and rivers, saltwater oceans and pools, and soapy water. Additionally, the Aqua+ is a reusable solution allowing recipients to use the form-fitting sleeve numerous times without having to replace it.3

The Aqua+ Kit, which consists of all the necessary parts that recipients will need, can be ordered from the Cochlear Americas store beginning May 2, 2014. All Nucleus 5 and Nucleus 6 Cochlear Implant recipients in the United States and Canada are eligible to order the Aqua+.

Company comments

“With the approval of the Aqua+ accessory, recipients can have the confidence that they have the world’s most waterproof cochlear implant system on the market, while benefitting from the sleek, form-fitting, behind-the-ear design that truly makes it one-of-a-kind,” said Chris Smith, President of Cochlear Americas. “The Aqua+ will undeniably change the way our cochlear implant recipients interact with water going forward by allowing them to swim in and under water while wearing their sound processor.”

Source: Cochlear Ltd., PR Newswire

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