FDA Clearance for CIVCO’s Protura™ System Means More Accurate Patient Positioning in Radiation Oncology

CIVCO Medical Solutions has gained U.S. FDA 510(k) clearance of its Protura™ Robotic Patient Positioning System integration with Varian Medical Systems’ Motion Management Interface. The system delivers accurate patient positioning, one of the most important issues in radiation oncology


CIVCO Medical Solutions is a leading provider of radiation oncology motion management solutions. The company’s Radiation Oncology division designs, manufactures and markets comprehensive motion management solutions to improve patient outcomes and increase clinical productivity for head & neck, breast, lung, abdomen, prostate and other treatment sites.

CIVCO’s Protura system remotely robotically repositions patients with 6 degrees of freedom to ensure sub-millimeter positioning accuracy. Protura’s integration with the Varian Motion Management Interface automatically opens the relevant patient information in Protura software, drawing it from Varian’s 4DTC System, automatically loads patient shift data to match Varian’s On-Board Imager™ kV imaging system (OBI), and automatically imports the Varian pedestal location.

The first clinical use of the Protura and Varian integration has been the Università Cattolica Sacro Cuore Policlinico (UCSC) “A.Gemelli,” Managing Director Professor V. Valentini at Rome, Italy, where over the past year the clinic has been evaluating the impact of the Protura system in a high volume radiotherapy center, surveying geometrical, dosimetric, management and clinical parameters.

Physician comments

“The recent integration with Varian allows our facility to set up patients with essentially no time added to our treatment workflow – while improving quality assurance with no manual data entry,” said Dr. Silvia Chiesa, MD, Radiation Oncology Department at UCSC. “Modern treatment techniques require high precision and accuracy levels, therefore correct patient positioning is becoming one of the most important issues in radiation oncology. The Protura System is friendly, allowing a fast learning curve and naturally integrates into our daily clinical practice with no changes to our IGRT workflow. “

Company comments

“The integration with Protura will provide our Clinac iX and Trilogy users with a safe and efficient workflow for 6DOF patient set-up corrections,” said Kevin O’Reilly, senior director of marketing at Varian. “The software automation simplifies applying robotic corrections with seamless implementation for all IGRT procedures. Continued integration with CIVCO’s motion management platform will allow Varian users to immobilize and then provide controlled 6D correction, thus fully utilizing the benefits of their Varian treatment system.”

“This integration represents each organization’s strong commitment to provide radiation oncology professionals with advanced robotic 6 degrees of freedom technology,” said Nat Geissel, senior vice president and general manager of CIVCO’s radiation oncology division. “Protura is optimized to handle the rigors of a busy clinic while improving efficiency and throughput.”

Source: CIVCO Medical Solutions