FDA Clears BME’s HammerLock® Intramedullary Fixation System Upgrades for Hammertoe Deformities

BioMedical Enterprises (BME), Inc. has announced the FDA clearance  of an upgrade to the patent-pending HammerLock® Nitinol Intramedullary Fixation System.


BME specialises in “shape memory” technology for small bone fixation, its claim to fame being that it is the first and only US-based manufacturer of Nitinol implants for use in the foot, hand and wrist.

BME’s HammerLock Intramedullary Fixation System is made of the shape memory metal Nitinol and is used for hammertoe deformities, eliminating the use of wires. It features a flat body design that resists rotation, barbs to provide secure fixation and high strength. In addition, the patent-pending tabbed HammerBlock™ Insertion System allows for fast, simple and precise placement of the HammerLock implant.

The upgrades to HammerLock give it a linear body that results in a greater bone fusion area at the joint interface, enhanced flexibility in positioning and easier reduction. In addition, the insertion process is further simplified by the new Squeeze-Tab™ Retention System.

Company comments

“This new design demonstrates our commitment to both developing new products and improving our existing lines,” said Keith M. Peeples, BME President and CEO. BME Surgeon Consultant, Todd Stewart, DPM, also stated, “The upgraded HammerLock system is a simple but very impressive improvement. This offers the surgeon easier insertion, prevents gapping at the arthrodesis site, and the new tab has just the right tension for keeping it on during reduction and for easy removal.”

Source: BME, Inc., Business Wire

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