Medtronic Launches Chitosan-Based Nasal Packing and Stent for FESS

Medtronic is launching its chitosan-based NovaShield(TM) Injectable Nasal Packing and Stent for functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS).


Chronic sinusitis is one of those big hitting healthcare targets, affecting nearly 29 million American adults, with more than 525,000 FESS procedures performed annually in the country. Common complications include .

NovaShield, FDA cleared back in October, takes aim at the complications of FESS, which include bleeding and adhesions which can block the sinuses, potentially causing disease to recur that leads to additional surgery. It is used to separate tissue and prevent adhesions by promoting stenting of nasal structures, such as the turbinates.

Chitosan is a well-known material, commonly used as a hemostat and famously produced from chitin, a component of the external shell of shellfish. Medtronic points to Chitosan-based nasal packing having demonstrated fast hemostasis with fewer adhesions and a 95% success rate in the rapid control of nose-bleeding unresponsive to standard nasal packing, even in patients taking anti-platelet/anti-coagulant medications. 

NovaShield is a ready-to-use gel placed in the sinus or nasal cavities following FESS. It helps to control bleeding, prevent adhesions, and has provided a level of antibacterial effectiveness in in vitro testing, says Medtronic. Furthermore, being biofragmentable it eliminates the need for painful packing removal associated with traditional sponge or gauze nasal packing. 

Novashield is manufactured by Medtronic’s Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) division of its Surgical Technologies business.

Company comments 

“NovaShield is Medtronic’s first chitosan-based nasal packing,” said Lisa Sapp, Product Manager for ENT Biomaterials. “With the benefits of chitosan and its unique design, NovaShield is helpful for both surgeons and patients.”

“Nasal packing is an important factor in postoperative care and the ultimate outcome of sinus surgery,” said Vince Racano, Vice President and General Manager of the ENT business at Medtronic. “We’re excited to bring sinus surgeons this convenient new tool for FESS.”

Source: Medtronic, Inc.

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