Teleflex Acquires Next Generation Anti-Platelet Coating Technology

In short

Teleflex Incorporated has acquired Massachussetts based Semprus BioSciences, a biomedical company and spin out from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The acquisition includes the core Semprus Sustain™ Technology, a long-lasting, covalently bonded, non-leaching polymer that is designed to reduce the attachment of platelets and blood proteins at the device surface.


Teleflex has acquired Semprus BioSciences for an upfront payment of $30 million and may be required to make certain additional payments based upon the achievement of certain regulatory and revenue milestones over the next several years.

Teleflex obviously believes Semprus’s Sustain™ has the potential to serve as the basis for next-generation medical devices. Sustain™ is a long-lasting, covalently bonded, non-leaching polymer that is designed to reduce the attachment of platelets and blood proteins at the device surface.The technology is designed to provide the benefits of reducing complications such as thrombosis and microbial adhesion over long durations and as such has potential utility in many blood-contacting devices and implants. Indeed Teleflex tells us the initial focus is its use in vascular device applications.


Sustain™ has been shown to reduce thrombus accumulation in in vitro testing after multi-month exposure to blood and through in vivo animal testing. The technology characteristics mimic the chemical properties of endothelial cell membrane, reducing the foreign body response to an implanted device.

Company comments

for Teleflex

“This acquisition illustrates our commitment to invest in late-stage, innovative technologies to support our future growth,” said Benson Smith, Chairman, President and CEO. “We believe Semprus’ novel technology provides distinct advantages over other surface and coating technologies currently on the market with its dual-functionality, ability to work in blood products, and long-term duration. Furthermore, we are excited about the potential for a broad array of our products with this technology to reduce infection-and thrombus-related complications for patients, as well as the resulting substantial healthcare costs which often arise when medical devices are implanted in the body. Finally, with the recently 510(k) cleared antithrombogenic claims on our existing ARROW PICC with Chlorag+ard technology, which is a chlorhexidine-based coating, we feel Semprus’ Sustain™ technology provides us a tremendous next generation platform for continued innovation.”

for Semprus

“The combination of Teleflex and Semprus BioSciences is an excellent opportunity to capitalize on the strengths of both organizations,” stated David Lucchino, Semprus BioSciences co-founder and VP, Semprus Techology. “We look forward to being a catalyst for continued growth through the development and rollout of the Sustain™ technology on medical devices around the world.”

Regulatory status

A Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) coated with Semprus Sustain™ is currently pending 510(k) clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Sustain™ is also pending CE Mark approval in Europe.

Source: Teleflex Inc., Business Wire